Reiki and Heart Attacks

After a heart attack, much medical care is needed. And complementary medicine may also assist your recovery.

A study conducted at Yale discovered that when assessing improvements in Heart Rate Variability, the effect of Reiki is comparable to the effect of beta blockers.

The research also showed that Reiki also positively affects patients’ emotional state, with patients reporting that they felt

  • more happy,
  • more relaxed, and
  • more calm after receiving Reiki.

Patients who received Reiki also said they felt

  • less stressed,
  • less angry,
  • less sad,
  • less frustrated,
  • less worried,
  • less scared, and
  • less anxious.

Please click here to read the research in more detail.

Do you have a heart condition?
Are you recovering from a heart attack?
You might like to consider adding Reiki into your treatment plan.

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How does Reiki work?

Reiki works by inducing the relaxation response.

Reiki switches the body from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.
When we are operating from the sympathetic nervous system we are in fight-or-flight-or-freeze mode, and our body may be flooded with hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol and histamine. We may feel stressed and overwhelmed when we are in this state.
When we switch to the parasympathetic nervous system we are in rest-repair-digest mode. Our body may be flooded with hormones like seratonin and oxytocin.  We sleep better, we digest our food better, and our immune system functions more effectively when we are in this state. We feel more peaceful and relaxed, and our body begins to heal.

On an energetic level, Reiki works by flooding your body with healing energy.

This healing energy moves through all levels of your being, bringing balance to your spiritual body, your astral body, your etheric body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your physical body. Chakras are cleared and cleansed. Negative energy is cleared away. Auric injuries are healed. The vibration of energy of the body is raised. Any areas that are low life force energy are replenished and recharged. The energy pathways of the body, sometimes called meridians or nadis, are healed and straightened allowing life force energy to flow easily and freely to every part of your Being.

Reiki for self-care

Have you ever wanted the ability to calm yourself during a stressful situation?

Have you ever needed to ease anxiety or panic, but been unable to dial-down the volume on these intense emotions?

Reiki helps bring balance and calm to your body and mind.

By learning Reiki you will have Reiki energy in your hands whenever you need it.

During that stressful meeting at work, you can discretely activate Reiki energy, place your hands on your lap, and you will soon begin to feel more centred and more able to respond to the situation with poise and grace.

When you are feeling exhausted and drained, Reiki will help you reenergise.

When you are in pain, physically or emotionally, Reiki will help ease your suffering.

Practicing self-Reiki everyday helps you feel relaxed, calm, contented and serene.

I enjoy practicing self-Reiki everyday. Usually it is forms a part of my meditation practice. Sometimes it is while watching tv in the evening with my family. And other times it is just before I fall asleep.

By welcoming Reiki energy into my life, I am taking care of myself, and when I take care of myself I have more than enough energy to take care of everyone around me.

Reiki has changed my world for the better. I invite you to bring your life into a better state of balance and harmony by learning Reiki too.

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