Reiki and Heart Attacks

After a heart attack, much medical care is needed. And complementary medicine may also assist your recovery.

A study conducted at Yale discovered that when assessing improvements in Heart Rate Variability, the effect of Reiki is comparable to the effect of beta blockers.

The research also showed that Reiki also positively affects patients’ emotional state, with patients reporting that they felt

  • more happy,
  • more relaxed, and
  • more calm after receiving Reiki.

Patients who received Reiki also said they felt

  • less stressed,
  • less angry,
  • less sad,
  • less frustrated,
  • less worried,
  • less scared, and
  • less anxious.

Please click here to read the research in more detail.

Do you have a heart condition?
Are you recovering from a heart attack?
You might like to consider adding Reiki into your treatment plan.

Reiki and heart attacks (1)

Sharing Reiki with animals

Recently, I’ve been reading a classic Reiki book called ‘Reiki: Universal Life Energy‘ by Bodo J. Baginski and Shalila Sharamon.

I love reading about others’ experiences of Reiki, because every experience is unique.

In one chapter Bodo and Shalila describe in detail how to treat animals with Reiki.

I have shared Reiki with a number of cats, but my experience with other animals is fairly limited.

Sharing Reiki with horses, cows, pigs, cats and dogs.

Bodo and Shalila mentioned that when treating horses, cows, pigs, cats and dogs it is best to start behind their ears, then treat the rest of their body. Allow your hands to linger in areas where it seems necessary.

Sharing Reiki with mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds.

With smaller animals like mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds cup the creature comfortably in your hands, and then share Reiki with them.

Sharing Reiki with fish.

If treating fish, hold the aquarium between your hands.

Sharing Reiki with penguins, snakes and butterflies.

They explain that it is trickier to treat penguins, snakes and butterflies, and often you need to be imaginative.

They recommend distant Reiki healing (please note – distant Reiki healing is learned during a Reiki Level 2 course) for animals that are trickier to treat (like snakes, butterflies, and angry bulls).

Sharing Reiki with bees, wasps, hornets and ants.

And finally, they explain that cats, snakes, bees, wasps, hornets and ants tend to not need much Reiki, and become restless when they have had enough.

Myself, I have never felt guided to share Reiki with snakes, bees, wasps, hornets or ants. But on thinking about this, if you had a snake as a pet, or if you kept bees for honey, or if you had an ant farm, you might like to share healing energy with them. (I’m not sure if anyone keeps wasps or hornets as pets…seems rather dangerous to me!) If you choose to share Reiki with these types of sentient beings, always do so from a safe distance – and ideally as a distant healing where you are quite far away and in absolutely no danger. At all times, when sharing Reiki, your safety and comfort is the most important priority.

Sharing Reiki with chickens.

Once when I visited a dear friend, one of her chooks wasn’t well. I went into the area where the chook was, intending on sitting quietly and if she came to me I was going to share Reiki with her. It was a bit naive of me to think that this hen would trust me after only knowing me a few minutes. When she didn’t approach me I thought perhaps she just didn’t want any Reiki. Now, after reading more about treating animals, if a situation like this happens again, I would sit peacefully near her and beam distant Reiki to her.

I am always so grateful to learn new practices and new ways to share healing, and I share this knowledge with you with much love!

It is comforting to know that when you have Reiki in your hands you are able to share healing energy with the animals in your life.

Do you have pets you would like to share healing energy with? You are welcome to try the methods described above from ‘Reiki: Universal Life Energy‘ . I would love to hear how you go with these techniques, and I welcome your comments below.

Sharing Reiki with animals

Reiki and broken bones

Recently I had the opportunity to offer Reiki to a patient who was in hospital. His wife phoned me to ask me to go in and see him on the ward. He had slipped at his home and broken 2 of his ribs. He was rushed by ambulance to hospital and was immediately placed on morphine. The doctors were extremely worried that the pain of the broken ribs was stopping him breathing. If he didn’t breathe deeply he would end up with fluid on his lungs and the risk of pneumonia was high.

When I first visited him in hospital, his breathing was shallow and fast, so much so that conversation was impossible. Even on the high dose of painkillers he was on, he was still unable to take a normal breath.

I offered him Reiki, and gently, without asking him to move in any way I shared Reiki with him.

He immediately felt the soothing warmth, and his entire being relaxed. He said that he felt that the Reiki was pulling the pain out of his body. Within minutes he was able to breathe more deeply than he had since the fall. The Reiki flowed through fast, and brought about an almost instant reduction in his level of pain. He was immensely grateful for the moments of ease he experienced during Reiki.

I visited regularly while he was in hospital, and he looked forward to his daily dose of Reiki. The nurses were very supportive of him receiving Reiki, and were happy to postpone their obs for a few minutes while I was there.

After a few days, he was discharged and returned home to make a full recovery.

I was so grateful that I was able to offer him Reiki at his time of intense need.
I always feel blessed to have this healing gift to share with others whenever they need it.



Reiki and family

Over the last few days, my family has been struck down with illness, and Reiki has been there to support us through.

When you have one family member struggling with a cold, and another with shingles, it can be hugely challenging, and would leave many of us feeling a little helpless.

But with Reiki in my hands, I could offer gentle relief to each of these family members…

Reiki and colds

After only a few minutes of Reiki, her symptoms of the cold eased and her sinuses cleared for the first time that day.

Reiki and shingles

After only a few minutes of Reiki, the pain of his shingles lesions lessened allowing him to relax and rest for the first time in days.

Their healing journeys continue, and I know that each time I visit, I can offer Reiki’s healing energy, comfort and care, as well as hugs and cups of tea.

Reiki and Family



Today, open to the abundance of love that is all around you…

Love is flowing to you now from our Mother Earth.
Our beautiful planet loves you and shows you her love by providing ground on which you can walk, dance, play and rest. She shows you her love by growing delicious foods that you can eat. She offers you love by providing you water to drink. She nourishes you, she supports you, she loves you…

Love is flowing to you now from Source.
Unconditional Love flows to you constantly from the Source of All That Is, and provides you with life-giving, life-affirming energy.

The love from Mother Earth rises up through your feet, the love from Source flows down through the top of your head. These streams of love meet and become One at your heart, and radiate the energy of pure, unconditional love in all directions of space and time.

Today, allow any and all blocks to the love that is all around you to dissolve, and feel the love that is always all around you.

You are loved.
You are loving.
You are love.

Reiki is a gift from the Divine


“Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the Divine, which results in the body and soul becoming unified… a great many people will experience the blessings of the divine… Through it the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.”

~ Dr Mikao Usui

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Congratulations new Reiki healers in East Gippsland!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to teach Reiki in East Gippsland.
I travelled to the beautiful studio of Yoga East in Bairnsdale, and fell in love with this gorgeous sacred space.

Watched over by Ganesha in the corner, we learned the theory and philosophy of Reiki.
After lunch we practiced self-Reiki and then we moved to the tables and practiced Reiki on each other.

With so much heartfelt pride I congratulate a new group of Reiki healers.
The world is a better place because of the healing energy you share with all those around you.

May Reiki always flow through you easily and effortlessly.
May Reiki bring innumerable blessings into your every day.
May you always practice Reiki with joy and love.