Emotions to cultivate

I fell in love with the gentle emotional healing offered by Bach Flower Remedies many years ago. And as time has passed, I find new ways to describe their effects almost every time I use them. I also love connecting with other practitioners, and hearing their perceptions of the effects of these gentle healing remedies.

I also love to read about them. I have recently been reading a book called Bach Flowers for Mind-Body Healing by Jennifer Barraclough. Jennifer is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitionerm and medical doctor in New Zealand.

In one of the appendices of her book she briefly summarises each of the Bach Flower Remedies. I was particularly enamoured with the positive quality she associates with each flower.

Here they are, to inspire you to find the flower remedy that is perfect for you today:

Agrimony – emotional honesty
Aspen – psychic sensitivity
Beech – tolerance
Centaury – service
Cerato – intuition
Cherry Plum – composure
Chestnut bud – learning from experience
Chicory – motherliness
Clematis – reality focus
Crab apple – cleansing
Elm – responsibility
Gentian – trust
Gorse – hope
Heather – self sufficiency
Holly – love
Honeysuckle – releasing the past
Hornbeam – vitality
Impatiens – patience
Larch – self confidence
Mimulus – bravery
Mustard – joy
Oak – relaxation
Olive – regeneration
Pine – self forgiveness
Red chestnut – compassionate detachment
Rock rose – courage
Rock water – flexibility
Scleranthus – balance
Star of Bethlehem – comfort
Sweet chestnut – deliverance
Vervain – enthusiasm
Vine – authority
Walnut – constancy
Water violet – communication
White chestnut – peace of mind
Wild oat – life purpose
Wild rose – zest for life
Willow – self responsibility

Do you need a little more of one or more of these qualities in your life? Maybe some Bach Flower Remedies will help you release what no longer serves you and connect with qualities that have been missing.

Let me know if you need a hand choosing which remedy is best suited for you. I am happy to offer you a consultation, and journey awhile with you on your path back to emotional and mental happiness and wellbeing.


Today, open to the abundance of love that is all around you…

Love is flowing to you now from our Mother Earth.
Our beautiful planet loves you and shows you her love by providing ground on which you can walk, dance, play and rest. She shows you her love by growing delicious foods that you can eat. She offers you love by providing you water to drink. She nourishes you, she supports you, she loves you…

Love is flowing to you now from Source.
Unconditional Love flows to you constantly from the Source of All That Is, and provides you with life-giving, life-affirming energy.

The love from Mother Earth rises up through your feet, the love from Source flows down through the top of your head. These streams of love meet and become One at your heart, and radiate the energy of pure, unconditional love in all directions of space and time.

Today, allow any and all blocks to the love that is all around you to dissolve, and feel the love that is always all around you.

You are loved.
You are loving.
You are love.