Reiki and arthritis

Arthritis can be incredibly debilitating for many people. And yet I have noticed that the arthritis sufferers who come to my clinic rarely complain. They are positive people, who are making a difference in the world, and aren’t letting their symptoms get in the way of all that they have to offer on a personal and professional level. But when they do open up about the depth of their suffering, what I hear most is that they would love for the burning pains to go.

In my practice I have seen that Reiki is wonderful forĀ helping ease the pain of arthritis. Even though people sometimes worry that the warmth of Reiki energy may intensify the burning sensation they already are experiencing, what I have found is that it doesn’t. Reiki soothes and settles their symptoms.

What I have observed is that Reiki temporarily eases arthritis pains, during the consultation and for some time after (the amount of time differs from patient to patient). For these patients, I encourage them to learn Reiki, so that in between consultations, they can practice self-Reiki and better manage their symptoms in this way.

If you are suffering from arthritis, please know that there are complementary therapies availableĀ that may help and support you, in addition to the medicines your doctor prescribes.