Reiki and Heart Attacks

After a heart attack, much medical care is needed. And complementary medicine may also assist your recovery.

A study conducted at Yale discovered that when assessing improvements in Heart Rate Variability, the effect of Reiki is comparable to the effect of beta blockers.

The research also showed that Reiki also positively affects patients’ emotional state, with patients reporting that they felt

  • more happy,
  • more relaxed, and
  • more calm after receiving Reiki.

Patients who received Reiki also said they felt

  • less stressed,
  • less angry,
  • less sad,
  • less frustrated,
  • less worried,
  • less scared, and
  • less anxious.

Please click here to read the research in more detail.

Do you have a heart condition?
Are you recovering from a heart attack?
You might like to consider adding Reiki into your treatment plan.

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Women’s Health: Balance your hormones, and balance your life!

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How are your hormones?

Does your menstrual cycle rule your life?
Are you moody?
Are you feeling anxious?
Are you feeling depressed?
Have you put on weight?
Have you lost your libido?
Maybe you are noticing you are losing hair?

Your hormones may be out of balance.

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