Reiki is hands on healing. Pure healing energy flows from the Source Of All Healing, through your Reiki practitioner’s hands, to you.

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki consultations are generally one hour long. During a Reiki treatment, you lie fully clothed on a treatment table, and your practitioner will place their hands on or above your torso, head, legs and feet. Reiki energy will flow through your practitioners hands to you. Messages from the Spirit world may also come through, offering you acknowledgement, validation and guidance.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

During a Reiki treatment, you are likely to experience

  • a soothing sense of rest
  • deep levels of peace and relaxation
  • rejuvenating energy
  • pain may melt away like a snowflake landing on warm skin, and
  • peace of mind may return as your Spirit is nourished during this profoundly pure healing experience.

What can Reiki help with?

Reiki may provide relief from fatigue, stress, pain, and anxiety.

Reiki works in harmony with any other medical treatment you may be having. By promoting relaxation and enhancing healing, Reiki brings a sense of peace and calm into every level of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

What does Reiki feel like?

For many people, the first thing they notice about Reiki is that it is warm.
For some people, especially hot blooded people, Reiki feels cool.
At times, Reiki can feel tingly.
Reiki can be soothing, grounding, and energising.
Most people feel a sense of relaxation and peace during Reiki.
For me, when Reiki flows through me, I feel a sense of immense and unconditional love.

Reiki gives us whatever we need in the moment, offering us what is needed for our Highest Good.

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