Healing is holistic, and making positive changes in many areas of your life may help you reach your health goals faster. In my own healing journey, both personally and professionally, I have found these people, organisations and products extremely valuable.


Yoga is a wonderful way to relax and reenergise.

In the Bayside area I recommend:
Flowing Health

In Moe, I recommend:
Joy Yoga

In Bairnsdale, I recommend
Yoga East

Cleansing and Clearing sprays

In my clinic and at my home, I keep the energy cleansed, cleared and uplifted. I have many different sprays I love. Here are a few I highly recommend.

‘Clear, Cleanse and Uplift’ from Amalia De Luca. Infused with Crystal, Angelic and Reiki Energy, this spray is my go to spray when I am preparing for a day of consultations. I use it over the chairs in my consultation room, and over the Reiki table. It creates a very sacred and spiritual energy.

‘Clear and Tranquil Space’ from Essential Insights. It is highly protective. I use it before every healing, to remove any negativity from the space, and infuse the space with positive energy.
And I have recently begun using ‘Love and Unity’ spray at the end of Reiki sessions, before my clients leave. It complements and enhances the beautiful Reiki energy perfectly.

Doctors who practice Integrative Medicine

Many of my patients ask me if I know GPs who practice Integrative Medicine and who are open to natural therapies/complementary medicine.

I recommend the Whole Health Medical and Dental Clinic in Clayton,
and the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) in Hawthorn.

Extra energetic protection for Empaths and Sensitives

For people who feel or carry the pain and suffering of others, and who find it hard to maintain energetic boundaries, I recommend Sphagni Rose cream from Southern Swan.

Health Retreats

I wholeheartedly recommend the Easter Health and Wellness Retreat at SIBA. I have enjoyed working in this sacred and healing space many times, offering a combination of Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies, and I always leave feeling healthier, happier, blessed and inspired.


If you are looking for a tutor, for yourself or your children, I highly recommend the team at Empire Tutoring. In combination with Reiki, Homeopathy and Flower Essences, qualified and experienced tutors can help you thrive through every challenge studying presents!