Learn Reiki

Reiki is hands on healing. Reiki energy flows through the Reiki practitioner’s hands, bringing healing energy to all they touch. Read more about Reiki here.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, this healing energy can be shared with others, and used on yourself. Learning to practice Reiki means you can give yourself, and your friends and family Reiki everyday!

Learning Reiki will bring so many blessings into your life. These include:

  • reduced levels of stress
  • reduced levels of anxiety
  • pain relief ~ physically, mentally and emotionally
  • increased clarity of thought
  • easing of insomnia
  • easing of depression
  • improved digestion
  • heightened intuition

Reiki is taught in 3 stages – Level 1, Level 2 and Master Level.

  1. Level 1 is where we receive our first Reiki attunement, we learn the Power Symbol, and we learn to share Reiki with ourselves, and our pets, friends and family.
  2. During Level 2, we receive an additional Reiki attunement, we learn the Distance Healing Symbol, we learn the Emotional Healing Symbol, and we qualify to practice Reiki professionally.
  3. At Master Level, we receive an additional attunement, we learn the Master Symbol, we learn the Symbols that are used during Attunements,  and we learn to teach and attune students to Reiki.

With each attunement, our ability to practice Reiki strengthens and intensifies. The Reiki energy flowing through our hands begins as if it were flowing through a regular sized tap at Level 1, then increases to as if it were flowing through a massive pipe at Level 2, and then expands to as if it were flowing like an enormous waterfall at Master Level.

As part of each course, you will receive

  • a certificate, and
  • a comprehensive manual to take home.

Reiki Courses

Andrea teaches all levels of Reiki.
Contact Andrea for more information or to book in.

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