Personal Consultations

During a personal consultation there is time… time to focus on you, time to hear your story, time for your questions, and time to create an individualised health management plan tailored specifically for you. You may prefer to choose either Reiki, Homeopathy, or Bach Flower therapy, or a combination of all three may synergistically provide what you need.

Homeopathy and Bach Flower consultations are available in-person, or via Skype if you are unable to come to Highett.

Reiki consultations are available in-person, or via distant Reiki, if you are unable to come to Highett.


Reiki consultations are generally one hour long. During Reiki you will lay fully clothed on the healing table, and healing energy will flow through your practitioners hands to you. Often the energy is felt as a gentle sense of tingly warmth. Most people feel a sense of relaxation and peace during this time. Messages from the Spirit world may also come through, offering you acknowledgement, validation and guidance. Read more about Reiki here.


A homeopathic consultation is a healing conversation. During this time we talk about your health. As the core essence of your suffering emerges, a homeopathic remedy or series of remedies can be selected for you. Read more about homeopathy here.

Bach Flower Remedies

These gentle healing remedies are made from flowers. Each flower balances a particular emotion. During a Bach Flower Remedy consultation we have a conversation about how you are feeling, emotionally. We focus on the thoughts that are troubling you, and the effect that these negative thoughts are having on your life. As the underlying self-limiting beliefs are revealed, the corresponding Bach Flower Remedy can be selected for you. Read more about Bach Flower Remedies here.