How to cut cords

In my work in the Reiki room, in my work in the teaching space, and in my life in general, I find myself talking with more and more people about cutting cords.

What are etheric cords?

Etheric cords are formed every time we connect with people. We have cords with our parents, our siblings, our friends, our teachers, our colleagues and our partners. We may also have cords with our students, our clients, our patients, and with other people we meet. Cords form without our conscious awareness. We do not intentionally create them. Cords form when we want to control someone, or when we want to help someone. When we want to control someone, it is via the cord that we energetically (and often unconsciously) manipulate them. When we want to help someone, it is via the cord that we energetically (an often inadvertently) send them energy that we have to spare (or in some cases that we pull from our reserves of energy and share with them).

Cords can form anywhere on our physical and etheric bodies. They are often attached to our chakras, our energetic centres. Cords are often found at the level of the heart chakra and at the level of the solar plexus chakra. The heart chakra is the centre of love, and the solar plexus is the centre of power. You may have noticed in yourself or in others that sometimes we can feel drained energetically because we allow too much of our love to be given away, or we can feel exhausted because we hand over all our personal power to someone else.

Why are etheric cords a problem?

If you are feeling tired for no reason, you might be being drained of all your energy via an etheric cord. If you feel angry for no reason, you might be processing the anger of someone else via an etheric cord. If you feel inexplicably sad or anxious, that emotion may not be yours, it may belong to someone else who is shunting it onto you via an etheric cord.

Etheric cords bind you to people in your present and your past, and not in a good way. They prevent both of you from moving on, and often they stop you from achieving your life’s mission. The cords can be connected with people who are still alive, but who are no longer part of your life… and they can be connected with people who have passed over, but who cannot or will not let go of you.

For your sake and for the sake of the other person, cords need to be cut. Both of you are freed, and both of you can then begin living according to your Highest Good.

How do you cut etheric cords?

There are many ways to cut etheric cords.

  • You can cut cords with the help of  Archangels
  • You can cut cords with the help of Sage or Flower Essences
  • You can cut cords with the help of Sacred Sound

Cutting cords with the help of Archangels

The way I usually cut cords, when I find them attached to myself or when I see them attached to my Reiki clients, is to simply ask Archangel Michael to cut the negative etheric cord. He will then, with his Sword of Light, cut the cord, and return each part of the cord to its owner (or simply take the remnants of the cord to the Light – I leave this up to Archangel Michael to decide). I often then ask Archangel Raphael to then heal the wound in the aura that the cord caused.

Cutting cords with Sage, or Flower Essences

Sometimes, I smudge with sage smoke, or I use Flower Essences to help cut cords.

You are welcome to read my blog post about Cleansing and Clearing for more information on these.

Cutting cords with sacred sound

At other times, I use a practice a friend shared with me. She learned it from Sonia Choquette. My apologies if anything has been lost in translation … but this is how I remember it.

  1. Using my arms as if they were the blades of scissors (or swords), I raise my arms and then quickly slice the air in front of my body – my arms travel from high above my shoulders diagonally across my body to each opposite hip (right hand to left hip, and left hand to right hip, simultaneously), as if cutting the cords with my forearms and hands.
  2. At the same time as my arms cross in front of me, I say the words ‘Sa Hept Nah’. Loudly.

By bringing the arms down and across the body, you slice through the energetic space in front of each chakra – physically, energetically, and symbolically cutting any cords that were attached to any chakra.

The words Sa Hept Nah to me feel like they come from Ancient Egypt. I sense they are sacred sounds, that clear the space in which they are spoken.

Cutting cords with Love

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Whenever you cut cords, remember to stay in a Heartspace of Love.

What if the cord comes back?

Often, after cutting cords you will receive a phone call, or an email, or a message on social media, or even a visit from the person who the cord was attached to. Even if that person is not psychic or intuitive, they will feel the absence of the cord, and they may try to reestablish it. If the cord is re-established, simply cut it again as soon as you are aware of it.

If the cord is with a non-physical being, and the cord returns, it could be because there is some lesson you need to learn. Check in with your intuition, sense into what that may be, and then cut the cord again when you feel the time is right.

Getting help with cord cutting

Sometimes there are cords we cannot cut ourselves. Whenever this happens to me, I visit my Reiki Practitioner, my Kinesiologist, my Spiritual Healer, or my Lomi Lomi massage therapist. There are many more healing modalities that are also capable of cutting cords and clearing negative energy from your being.

Check for cords often, and cut them whenever you find them

Remember that your energy is sacred. You do not need to share it with anyone without your consciousness being aware of it. You are entitled to keep all of your energy for you, and only give away what you choose to, from energy you have spare, to people you love. No one has the right to drain you. No one has the right to dump their negative energetic garbage in your energetic body. Take a stand, cut cords, and reclaim every part of your energetic being. You will feel so much better for it!

Reiki, Yoga

Reiki and yoga nidra.

Do you ever come home from work feeling exhausted? Do you let yourself rest, or do you hurriedly start cooking dinner?

Do you ever come home from work after a bad day, tired and upset? Do you let yourself have a moment of self care, or do you look after everyone else first and leave your own needs until later?

Do you comfort eat, to get through this last part of the day, to soothe your frayed nerves, to fill the ache in your soul, and to give you that burst of sugar to see you through til sleep?

I have been known to do all of these, and more.

But I’ve found a new way of managing my energy levels, my need to process negative emotions in the most peaceful, non-violent way possible,  the needs of my soul, and the needs of my family.

It’s yoga nidra!

After work, before I begin to cook and clean, I take 20 minutes to lay down, and listen to a yoga nidra meditation. In yoga nidra the body rests profoundly and your mind approaches the state of pure awareness. I find that all my worries and cares melt away, and every muscle of my body breathes a sigh of relief. After yoga nidra, I feel refreshed and revitalised. And because I have taken time to nurture and nourish my body, mind and soul, I have so much more energy to give my loved ones. I also find I have enough energy, and enough contentment in my mind and emotions, that I no longer need to reach for snacks to get me through until dinner.

Some days I like to combine my yoga nidra practice with self-Reiki, for an added energy balance and boost.

Yoga nidra is wonderful for people of all ages. Kids love it, and there are many yoga nidra recordings designed especially for children. If you practice yoga nidra with your children after school, you’ll notice such a difference in your little ones after they’ve had a few minutes of this deep relaxation… they’ll probably be less crabby, there is likely to be less sibling rivalry, and there may even be more willing helpers when it comes time to cook dinner and set the table!

I invite you to try yoga nidra, with or without Reiki, on your own or with your family, and see how it transforms your afternoons and evenings. It could even become a treasured tradition that helps you, and your family,  better manage life’s pressures and stresses. I’d love to hear how you go. Please feel welcome to comment below.




Reiki and arthritis

Arthritis can be incredibly debilitating for many people. And yet I have noticed that the arthritis sufferers who come to my clinic rarely complain. They are positive people, who are making a difference in the world, and aren’t letting their symptoms get in the way of all that they have to offer on a personal and professional level. But when they do open up about the depth of their suffering, what I hear most is that they would love for the burning pains to go.

In my practice I have seen that Reiki is wonderful for helping ease the pain of arthritis. Even though people sometimes worry that the warmth of Reiki energy may intensify the burning sensation they already are experiencing, what I have found is that it doesn’t. Reiki soothes and settles their symptoms.

What I have observed is that Reiki temporarily eases arthritis pains, during the consultation and for some time after (the amount of time differs from patient to patient). For these patients, I encourage them to learn Reiki, so that in between consultations, they can practice self-Reiki and better manage their symptoms in this way.

If you are suffering from arthritis, please know that there are complementary therapies available that may help and support you, in addition to the medicines your doctor prescribes.


Reiki and broken bones

Recently I had the opportunity to offer Reiki to a patient who was in hospital. His wife phoned me to ask me to go in and see him on the ward. He had slipped at his home and broken 2 of his ribs. He was rushed by ambulance to hospital and was immediately placed on morphine. The doctors were extremely worried that the pain of the broken ribs was stopping him breathing. If he didn’t breathe deeply he would end up with fluid on his lungs and the risk of pneumonia was high.

When I first visited him in hospital, his breathing was shallow and fast, so much so that conversation was impossible. Even on the high dose of painkillers he was on, he was still unable to take a normal breath.

I offered him Reiki, and gently, without asking him to move in any way I shared Reiki with him.

He immediately felt the soothing warmth, and his entire being relaxed. He said that he felt that the Reiki was pulling the pain out of his body. Within minutes he was able to breathe more deeply than he had since the fall. The Reiki flowed through fast, and brought about an almost instant reduction in his level of pain. He was immensely grateful for the moments of ease he experienced during Reiki.

I visited regularly while he was in hospital, and he looked forward to his daily dose of Reiki. The nurses were very supportive of him receiving Reiki, and were happy to postpone their obs for a few minutes while I was there.

After a few days, he was discharged and returned home to make a full recovery.

I was so grateful that I was able to offer him Reiki at his time of intense need.
I always feel blessed to have this healing gift to share with others whenever they need it.



Reiki and family

Over the last few days, my family has been struck down with illness, and Reiki has been there to support us through.

When you have one family member struggling with a cold, and another with shingles, it can be hugely challenging, and would leave many of us feeling a little helpless.

But with Reiki in my hands, I could offer gentle relief to each of these family members…

Reiki and colds

After only a few minutes of Reiki, her symptoms of the cold eased and her sinuses cleared for the first time that day.

Reiki and shingles

After only a few minutes of Reiki, the pain of his shingles lesions lessened allowing him to relax and rest for the first time in days.

Their healing journeys continue, and I know that each time I visit, I can offer Reiki’s healing energy, comfort and care, as well as hugs and cups of tea.



Reiki and Cycling

Reiki is not just for when you’re feeling unwell.

Did you know you can use Reiki whenever you find that life is not going the way you’d like it to?

Recently, when I was out on a bike ride, I was changing gears and my chain came off. No big deal, but it was a messy business getting it back on again. No matter… I continued riding. I had to change gears again, and the chain clattered off, again. It was easy enough to fix, but by my fingers were covered in icky black grease. Ewwww! So next time, and every time, I needed to change gears, I visualised a golden Chokurei over my chain. And… the chain stayed on for the rest of the ride! Perfect!

Enjoy your connection to Reiki. There are so many blessings you receive from this beautiful energy. Use Reiki anytime and all the time!


Flower essences, Homeopathy, Reiki

Natural remedies that may help ease grief

Today, I’m grieving. Deeply.

Last night I experienced a great sadness. I found out that a family friend, a man who was like an uncle to me, has passed away. My heart is heavy, knowing that I will never again have a chance in this lifetime to spend time and space with this beautiful soul.

Tears have flowed. I have spent time journalling my thoughts and feelings. Remembering all the joy. Focusing as best I could on the love and the blessings.

Even so, I find my mind wandering to sadness each time I have nothing else to occupy my thoughts.

Reiki for Grief

I turn to Reiki, and allow myself to soak in soothing energy, to help ease my aching heart.

Bach Flower Remedies for Grief

I have Rescue Remedy by my side, and I take a dose whenever I feel tears welling.
Sweet Chestnut, for deep despair, is also helping me through my day.

Homeopathic Remedies for Grief

I also turn to homeopathy for relief. There are many different homeopathic remedies to help ease grief. The potency you need will depend on the severity of your symptoms, how long you have been grieving, and on your level of sensitivity – please consult your homeopath for expert advice on which remedy is best indicated for you, as well as which potency and dosage.

Some homeopathic remedies to consider include:

  • Phos acid ~ may help relieve grief that makes you feel depressed and apathetic.
  • Pulsatilla ~ may help grief where you are weeping helplessly and can’t sleep.
  • Nux vom ~ may help ease grief that presents as anger and criticisim.
  • Natrum mur ~ may help ease grief that is hidden, and can only be expressed when you are alone.
  • Ignatia ~ may help ease grief that expresses itself in many emotions, including inappropriate laughter, crying and sighing.

As I couldn’t sleep last night, and can’t stop crying, Pulsatilla is the best remedy for me today.

Are you suffering from grief?

There are many natural remedies that may help you move through the different stages of grief. You are welcome to contact me to book in for a consultation. Consultations may include a combination of Reiki, and a blend of homeopathic remedies and/or Bach Flowers Remedies tailored specifically for you.