Reiki and broken bones

Recently I had the opportunity to offer Reiki to a patient who was in hospital. His wife phoned me to ask me to go in and see him on the ward. He had slipped at his home and broken 2 of his ribs. He was rushed by ambulance to hospital and was immediately placed on morphine. The doctors were extremely worried that the pain of the broken ribs was stopping him breathing. If he didn’t breathe deeply he would end up with fluid on his lungs and the risk of pneumonia was high.

When I first visited him in hospital, his breathing was shallow and fast, so much so that conversation was impossible. Even on the high dose of painkillers he was on, he was still unable to take a normal breath.

I offered him Reiki, and gently, without asking him to move in any way I shared Reiki with him.

He immediately felt the soothing warmth, and his entire being relaxed. He said that he felt that the Reiki was pulling the pain out of his body. Within minutes he was able to breathe more deeply than he had since the fall. The Reiki flowed through fast, and brought about an almost instant reduction in his level of pain. He was immensely grateful for the moments of ease he experienced during Reiki.

I visited regularly while he was in hospital, and he looked forward to his daily dose of Reiki. The nurses were very supportive of him receiving Reiki, and were happy to postpone their obs for a few minutes while I was there.

After a few days, he was discharged and returned home to make a full recovery.

I was so grateful that I was able to offer him Reiki at his time of intense need.
I always feel blessed to have this healing gift to share with others whenever they need it.



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