Reiki and Cycling

Reiki is not just for when you’re feeling unwell.

Did you know you can use Reiki whenever you find that life is not going the way you’d like it to?

Recently, when I was out on a bike ride, I was changing gears and my chain came off. No big deal, but it was a messy business getting it back on again. No matter… I continued riding. I had to change gears again, and the chain clattered off, again. It was easy enough to fix, but by my fingers were covered in icky black grease. Ewwww! So next time, and every time, I needed to change gears, I visualised a golden Chokurei over my chain. And… the chain stayed on for the rest of the ride! Perfect!

Enjoy your connection to Reiki. There are so many blessings you receive from this beautiful energy. Use Reiki anytime and all the time!



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