Are you terrified of thunderstorms?

Last night, I was woken by thunder.

I’m not usually scared of storms, but the intensity of the rain and the boom of the thunder had me scared.  I felt fear like I’ve never felt before.

I got up, and checked the house. Everything was OK. We were safe.

But this storm, and its roaring, rumbling thunder had me a little shaky.

My heart went out to all the little dogs I know, who are terrified of thunderstorms. I prayed that Angels would watch over them, and ease their fear.

I went back to bed, wondering how I was ever going to get back to sleep.

I thought of taking a natural remedy to help settle me. I remembered that the homeopathic remedy Phosphorus may help people and animals who are frightened of thunderstorms. I also thought of the Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus and the combination remedy Rescue Remedy, which are also wonderful at easing fear during powerful storms. All of these remedies can be used during a storm, or if you know a storm is coming, you can take a dose before the storm hits to reduce any emotional response you may have to the storm. Reiki is also perfect during times of fear and anxiety.

As I lay in my bed, listening anxiously to the chaos outside my window, I connected to Reiki energy, and placed my Reiki hands on my belly. Instantly, I felt my entire being relax. I heard the next roll of thunder, but felt no anxiety. In almost no time, I was asleep again.

I am so grateful to have Reiki in my hands whenever I need it.

Thunderstorm_55378642_s (2)


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