Emergency distance Reiki

Recently, one of my children was rushed to emergency. He was interstate. I wasn’t there with him. I kept in touch with him and with his dad, who was with him, throughout the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon, his dad messaged me to let me know that he needed an MRI, and he would let me know when he was going in. I waited, not very patiently, for that message.

About an hour later, I was walking through the city with my daughter, and all of a sudden Reiki activated in my hands. It doesn’t often activate all by itself, but in that moment I immediately had the awareness that my son was going in for his MRI.

While walking, I discretely drew the Reiki symbol for distance healing, and allowed Reiki to flow to my son. The Reiki flowed through strongly, even though I was walking and talking with my daughter. My daughter went to try on some clothes, and I was left waiting in Myer in the middle of a Super Saturday Sale.

While waiting, and while the Reiki was still flowing, I received a text from my ex-husband that our son was having the MRI. I found somewhere to sit in the midst of the hustle and bustle. I held my hands in my lap and continued sending Reiki to my son. I stayed there, as people rushed passed me, quietly allowing the energy to flow through me to him. All the while holding the intention: May this Reiki energy be for his Highest Good; May he be healthy, healed and whole. 

The flow of Reiki ended all by itself, and soon after I received a message letting me know that he was out of the MRI.

I rang him and asked him how he was. He let me know he was waiting on the results. I asked him how the MRI was. He said that it was so noisy, but, and he giggled as he said this, he fell asleep. I let him know that I had been sending him Reiki the whole time, and he said, ‘Well, I napped’.

I smiled, and thought to myself that when we sleep we heal. Reiki energy is so powerful and so relaxing that even over a distance of thousands of kilometers, we feel at ease and can drift into a peaceful sleep, no matter what the circumstances.

He had to go, as the doctors needed to speak with him. After a few minutes, his dad let me know that he received the all clear.

I offered immense gratitude to God, the Angels and Archangels, Reiki, and All That Is Divine.

With Reiki in my hands I can share healing energy with the people I love, whether they are in the room with me, or a world away.



    1. I agree Gina!
      I am so grateful to All That Is for his good health.
      I love Distance Reiki, and can’t imagine life without it.
      Wishing you blessings of happiness and health always. ❤

  1. Dear Andrea,
    I just read this blog, you have immense power and I take it that it worked out well for you son. That is an amazing gift you have. Thank you for sharing this personal story with the world.

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