How to sleep soundly and wake refreshed

How have you been sleeping?
Do you fall straight to sleep, and wake before your alarm?
Or do you take ages to fall asleep, wake frequently, struggle to get back to sleep, and wake exhausted?

Many of my patients complain about having difficulties sleeping when they first come to see me, and I reassure them that there are many Homeopathic and Bach Flower remedies that can help, as well as Reiki.
But now I have some extra advice to share!

According to ayurveda, in order to sleep well, we need to have finished digesting our dinner well before we go to bed. We also need to get to bed early, as after 10pm we often get a second wind and may then struggle to fall asleep.
So, it is best to eat a light meal, preferably soup, before 6pm, and we need to be in bed ready to fall asleep by 10pm.

Now, if you are like me, and often don’t get home from work until after 6pm, don’t despair! Eating lighter meals at dinnertime still makes a difference.

How do I know this?
Well, for the last few days, I have been experimenting with eating in this new way.

I eat my main meal at lunchtime, and then a soup when I get home.

With only a little reorganising – while I cook soup, I also cook the next day’s lunch – I found it was an easy transition to this new way of living.

And how has this changed my life?

I used to wake around 4am every morning, and struggle to get back to sleep – often I would be awake for hours.
I used to have bad dreams or nightmares, almost every night.
I used to wake more tired than when I went to bed.

Now, if I wake during the night, I fall back to sleep more easily than ever before.
My dreams are positive and filled with happy events.
In the morning, I wake before my alarm, feeling happy and excited about the day.
I’m not craving chocolate and carbs like I used to.
And, I actually have more time in the mornings too, as my lunch is already prepared and ready to go!

All these positive results and it has only been a few days!
I am confident that the more I eat in this way, the greater improvement I will see in my sleep patterns, in my energy levels, and in my overall health and happiness.

If you have any trouble sleeping, I encourage you to try eating a soup for dinner and eating your main meal at lunchtime. Let me know how you go with this in the comments below!

I am very grateful to Lucilla, from Joy Yoga, for sharing this treasure of Ayurvedic Wisdom with me. If you are in Gippsland, and are able to get to her yoga classes, you too will benefit from her vast knowledge and shining example of how Ayurveda can make a difference in your life.

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