Delighting in Reiki.

Practicing self-Reiki is often my favourite part of my day. It is my time just for me. It is my moment of self-care. It is easy and effortless – all I need to do is place my hands anywhere on my body, and the Reiki energy does the rest.
As I practiced Reiki on myself this evening, I felt my thoughts slow.
A sense of peace replaced the racing torrent of thoughts that was flooding my mind.
The day I had just lived faded into the background, as I became completely present in this moment, alive to the sense of being here now.
As the Reiki flowed through more intensely, I energetically drank it in through every cell of my being, like sculling ice cold water on a hot day.
I sank deeply into the bliss of the release of tension I didn’t even realise I was holding. My belly relaxed. My shoulders relaxed. My jaw relaxed.
I released into the feeling of ease that was unfurling through my body.
As my need for Reiki was beginning to be satiated, I savoured the energy, like sipping a hot chocolate while snow is gently falling outside.
Self-Reiki only needs to be a few minutes a day.
Today’s experience, for example, was just 2 minutes of my day, that I enjoyed while dinner quietly cooked on the stove. In those 2 minutes, I felt a shift right away. I shifted from being attached to my racing thoughts to resting contentedly in the centre of my being. I shifted from focussing on the future (planning things I need to get done tomorrow) and the past (worrying about things that happened today and yesterday), to feeling completely content in this moment now. I shifted from feeling stressed to feeling serene.
Reiki makes a difference in my life every single day.
I’m sure that Reiki will make a difference in your life too.
Would you like to welcome the rest and release of Reiki into your everyday life?
There are still places available in our Reiki class in February. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book in.


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