“The practice of forgiveness is our most
important contribution to the healing of the world.”
~ Marianne Williamson

I have noticed that when people forgive, powerful healing occurs.

Who might you need to forgive today?
Perhaps someone who has wronged you?
Or someone who has betrayed you?
Maybe someone who has been rude to you?
Or situations that have not been in your favour?
Or even events that have been out of our control?

Sometimes, the most powerful healing occurs when we forgive ourselves.

I invite to think about who you might need to forgive.
And when you are ready, forgive and be released from the heaviness of the burden you have been carrying for so long.

Are you having trouble forgiving yourself or others?
Flower essences are a wonderful support and may offer you immense assistance.

Click here to contact Andrea to find out more about flower essences and how they may help you release any and all burdens you may be carrying from your past.


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