How Reiki helps me with my housework

All day I’ve been meaning to get my housework done.
And I’ve been procrastinating… all day…
I knew I couldn’t put this off much longer.

Before the sun set, I was determined to at least clean the shower.

I headed into the bathroom and, while gritting my teeth with sheer determination, began scrubbing.

As I was washing down one wall, I felt guided to draw a Reiki symbol – Chokurei. This symbol is taught at Reiki Level 1. As soon as I drew Chokurei, I instantly relaxed. This is a typical response to Reiki flowing through me. Cleaning became a pleasure.

As I was washing down the next wall, I drew a Seiheki with my sponge. This symbol is taught at Reiki Level 2. As soon as I drew Seiheki, I felt so much happier. Not surprising, as Seiheki is the symbol for emotional healing.

I was then washing down the shower floor, and I drew a Daikomyo with my sponge. This is the master symbol, taught at Master Level. I felt a blissful sense of Oneness and contentment.

I wondered to myself why I had never incorporated Reiki into everyday cleaning before! It made it so much easier and so much more fun.

Now I have a clean shower, an energetically cleansed shower, and I feel brighter and happier than I did before. To finish, I sprayed a cleansing and clearing spray, which is like icing on the Reiki cake!

If you are attuned to Reiki, I encourage you to try using the symbols as you clean. Not just in the corners of rooms, as we are taught in Level 2, but everywhere!

If you aren’t attuned to Reiki and you would like to be, you are welcome to join my next Reiki class in Bairnsdale. The class will be held on Sunday November 29th. Contact me for more details and/or to book in.

I look forward to sharing Reiki with you soon!


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