My Sepia Story

It was the end of the school holidays. I’d taken a week off work to spend with my kids. We’d enjoyed every minute, there’s no question, but I was totally over all the extra cooking and cleaning that seemed to fill my days.

I looked at the dishes mounting up in the sink.
I gazed at the washing going round and round in the machine.
I looked at the floors that needed mopping.

I couldn’t face it.

And instantly, I knew I was in a Sepia state.

I know I need the homeopathic remedy Sepia whenever I feel resentment towards my housework and annoyance with my beloved children who don’t seem to see mess.

So, instead of demanding that the children turn off the TV and get started helping me with the dishes, I took a dose of Sepia, and drew myself a bath. I lingered in the bath, until I felt the Sepia settling my system (for me, Sepia takes effect in around 20 minutes…). I felt happiness in every cell in my body, and overwhelming gratitude for the fact that I have wonderful children whose company I adore. I knew I would spend the rest of the holidays appreciating every moment of free time we had left together.

I felt great! Thanks to homeopathy!

I dressed, and wandered back into the lounge room… and stopped dead in my tracks. My youngest son was walking through the lounge room with a basket of washing. I asked him what he was doing. He said the washing machine had finished while I was in the bathroom and he was hanging out the washing.

I was so touched, tears began to well in my eyes. I thanked him, and hugged him. He looked at me and when he saw the tear on my cheek, he rolled his eyes. I said, in explanation, ‘I’m just not used to anyone helping me’ and he smiled and gave me a bone-crushing bear hug.

When I took the Sepia, I expected it to clear the resentment and annoyance I had been feeling. I never expected it radiate out and positively affect the people around me.

But, when I thought about it, I realised that when we are happy, the people around us feel that, and as a result their behaviour changes…
Another explanation may be that projection creates perception, and when I am thinking happy thoughts the world I see is a happier place.
Whatever happened, however it happened, I am grateful it happened.

When we take the homeopathic remedy we need, we come into Alignment, the way we perceive the world changes, and every now and then, miracles (like teenagers helping with housework without being asked!) occur.

Are you feeling resentful towards your housework and annoyed with the people around you who aren’t being helpful? Maybe a dose of Sepia might help you too!


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  1. Thank you Andrea. This took me back to a moment yesterday I had with my son. I needed a hand to move some items for the council kerbside cleanup. I simply was starting to feel annoyed that there wasn’t a response from him to say Dad do you need a hand. I went down the backyard for 5 minutes lit an incense stick and just breathed. When I returned he asked if I needed a hand. It is all in the timing.

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