Emptying your Bowl of Light

Today I had scheduled a self-care day, and as part of this I enjoyed a Lomi Lomi massage, with a gifted healer named Teresa.

Before the massage began, Teresa told me about our bowl of light.
Each of us has within us, deep in our belly, a bowl of light.
Source energy enters the crown of our head, travels down through our central canal, and fills this bowl of light.
At birth this bowl of light is pure Light.
But over time, when we experience anger, or fear, or resentment, or sadness, or any negative emotion, these collect in our bowl of light as dense energetic rocks. If we don’t empty our bowl of light, these rocks mound up, and block the Light.
She said that there are many sacred Hawaiian practices that may help us empty our bowl of light.
She suggested I try a simple one for now… At the end of the day, I should visualise tipping out all the rocks from the bowl, and then allowing Source energy to fill it with Light.

During the massage, when she was working on my abdomen, much sadness emerged. Seemingly out of nowhere, tears began to fall from my eyes.

After the massage, Teresa suggested I suggested I process that emotion by going to the beach.
She encouraged me to take some rocks with me.
She said that once I was at the water’s edge, I should throw each rock into the ocean.
I should name each rock, with an emotion I would like release, and then hurl it into the water.

So, before I went home, I went to my local beach.
I parked the car, and began walking along the track.
As I walked, I collected rocks. I felt like the character Amelie, from the French film of the same name! I filled my pockets with these not-so-pretty rocks. I thought it was appropriate that they weren’t perfect and smooth. They looked like I imagined fear and anger and inadequacy to look like, if they were rocks.

Rocks, sea and horizon

After I took this photo, I gathered up my rocks, but instead of putting them in my pockets, I was guided to carry them near my abdomen. As I walked down the hill to the beach, I felt as if the rocks were being filled with the negative energy from energetic rocks that were taking up space in my bowl of light.


When I got to the shore I began throwing each rock into the sea. I would name each one and as I let go of it, I would say the name out loud. With the first rock, I said simply Anger. With the second rock, I was guided to say Releasing Fear. With the next rock, I felt inspired to say Releasing Sadness, Filling with Light and Freedom. And with that, I continued… Releasing feeling not good enough, Filling with Light and Freedom. Releasing pain, Filling with Light and Freedom.

At poignant moments, the waves would splash and I would have droplets landing on me. These made me giggle. Every so often a wave would come close to my shoes and I would have to jump back, out of the way. I felt the call of the ocean. I felt that I needed to take off my socks and shoes and connect with the water. But, it was not a very warm day today. The wind was freezing. The sand cold. I didn’t want to get my feet sandy and wet, but I did. And the joy I felt was indescribable. As I threw in more rocks, the waves caressed my feet. Each time I said Filling with Light and Freedom  I smiled and laughed with so much happiness.

With the last rock, I released all the remaining negativity that had accumulated in my bowl of Light. I raised my arms in the air and felt bliss coursing through my being. The ocean lapped around my feet, cleansing me. The sun warmed me, golden light energising me.  The wind danced through my aura, cleansing every level of my energetic body.

I began walking back to my car, feeling so light… I felt as if I could fly! And the waves brought me gifts. First, a small, smooth brown stone. Then a smooth round fragment of opalescent shell in myriad shades of blue. Then a stone like a polished crystal in tones of yellow. I picked each up. I wanted to take them home. I felt as if after having given away all the ugly negativity within me, I was being rewarded with beauty. I intuitively knew that these stones represented Earth, Sea, and Sand. To continue my healing, I need to connect more with the natural world, and specifically the elements of Earth, Sea and Sand. Then I was guided to give these back to the sea, and return home unburdened.

Such a beautiful experience.

I feel light,
I feel free,

I feel energized, 
I feel filled with love,

I feel like I have come home.

Thank you Ocean,
Thank you Sea,
Thank you Spirit
for healing me…

If you are feeling burdened and weighed down, you might like to try throwing some rocks into the Ocean, and see if it helps you release everything that is holding you back.

Wishing you healing and happiness always,

Andrea xx

The beach


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