Congratulations new Reiki Practitioners!

It is with the greatest joy that I congratulate all of our newest Reiki Practitioners!

We had a fantastic day of learning and Reiki yesterday.

I am always astonished at how quickly my students nowadays pick up new ideas and practices, and learn them. They were drawing the symbols without needing to look at their manuals well before the end of the day – I confided in them that when I learned Reiki, it took me weeks to truly feel comfortable with some of the symbols.

I am also impressed with how effortlessly they integrated the new symbols they learned into their healing work. I watched them know exactly when and how to use each symbol. Confidence radiated from each person in the room.

These wonderful healers will go on to bring healing energy to many, many people. Some will go into practice within days, incorporating Reiki as a new modality into already established natural health businesses. Others may choose to wait longer before offering Reiki at a professional level, if they choose to. Again, reflecting on my own journey, I shared with my students that I took about 8 months before I felt ready to practice Reiki in a clinic environment – and that they were under no pressure or obligation to rush their journeys. Everything always happens in Perfect Divine Timing, and for our Highest Good.

I feel so grateful to be able to share what I have learned with others, and I feel humbled when they take what I teach them, experiment with it, and make it their own. I feel blessed to know them, and honoured to have been witness to the way Reiki has transformed their lives.

May each of these new Reiki practitioners always experience immense joy every time they connect with Reiki.
May they always trust the Reiki energy and allow it to flow where and when it needs to.
May Reiki flow through each of them effortlessly, easily and powerfully, always.
May Reiki bring healing to each person they touch, for that person’s Highest Good.
May the good energy they generate each time they connect with Reiki benefit all sentient beings, in all directions of space and time.


Reiki Level 2_graduates

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