Reiki for animals

Did you know that animals love Reiki too?

Soon after I first learned Reiki, I had the most amazing experience with a neighbourhood cat.

I heard her meowing, but couldn’t see her. Normally whenever she heard my car she would race up to greet me, but that day I couldn’t see her anywhere.

I wandered into the bushland near my house looking for her, and found her sitting on a tree stump. She had a bracelet wrapped around her neck and shoulder. One of her front legs was stuck at a rather odd angle. She couldn’t move.

Intuitively, I sensed that some well meaning children had been dressing her up with their favourite bead bracelet, popping it around her neck like a necklace. In her struggle to escape she had tangled herself impossibly.

I eased her out of the bracelet. She snuggled up to me, limping a little as she walked, and I patted her.

Instantly, Reiki activated in my hands, and flowed through to her. She lingered, and let me pat her for much longer than she ever had before.

As the Reiki subsided, she bounded off home running easily and effortlessly, with no trace of any limping.

When you learn Reiki, your pets, and all animals you come into contact with, will benefit from the healing energy you can share with them.

Our Reiki Level 1 course on June 28th is nearly fully booked. Would you like to join us? Contact Andrea for more information.

Animals Love Reiki

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