Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all mums everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day.

Being a mum is such a blessing, and I treasure every moment with my children.

My heart goes out to all people who find today difficult, whether that is because they have lost their mum, or because they would like to be a mum but are unable to be, or because they are estranged from their children.

I know that whenever my children are at their dad’s house on Mother’s Day, I struggle with grief.
I turn to homeopathic remedies like Ignatia if I am expressing my grief openly, or Nat mur for those times when I repress my feelings. I am always grateful for the remedies in my homeopathic first aid kit that help me through dark and difficult days.

I hope that today has been a wonderful day for you.
I hope you have been spoiled and know that you are adored.

May today be a day of great blessings for you.
I wish you laughter and joy and love in every moment.

Happy Mother's Day

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