Rest is healing

For about 15 years I have suffered from adult acne.

At first I blamed the stress of returning to work after I had had my third child. Then I blamed the oral contraceptive pill I was taking. Then I blamed coffee, chocolate, dairy, oil, nuts, stress…

I tried EVERYTHING to clear my skin: acupuncture; herbs; homeopathy; flower essences; nutritional supplements; different cleansers, moisturisers, masks, exfoliators, facials; changing what I ate – removing coffee, oils, sugar, chocolate, nuts, dairy and wheat from my diet… nothing worked. I was still spotty.

Earlier this year, my skin cleared. As a result of resting. Deeply resting.

You might not know this, but I have one of those type A personalities. I am a person who gives 110% of herself in everything she does. Since I was a teenager, I have been driven and determined to achieve everything I set my heart on.

I was exhausted. And in complete denial.

I know I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue for a long time, and recently I slipped into adrenal exhaustion. My own homeopath has been warning me for the last two years that if I don’t slow down the exhaustion would be irreversible. I didn’t listen. I soldiered on.

Then, about a month ago, an event occurred in my life. I realised the situation was out of my control, and that there was absolutely nothing I could do to change it. Instead of fighting it, I surrendered. I allowed it to happen.

And in that state of allowing, and non-action, I went to bed.

For days.

And on the fourth day, I felt my energy return to me. I felt better than I had felt in years. And … my skin was beginning to clear. It was a small miracle – I had no new spots that morning.

I realised that the last time I had rested so deeply was more than 20 years ago, before my first child was born.

I felt so good after my rest, that I decided to find time to rest each day.

Rest, for me is unstructured time, where I follow the guidance of my body. I read if I feel drawn to reading, I listen to music if I feel that is what my soul needs, I sometimes watch movies that uplift me, or I just rest in silence – not meditating, just being.

I am fiercely protective of my rest time. I prioritise it in the same way I prioritise working or helping others.

And why do I feel so strongly about rest? When I miss my rest time for more than a few days in a row, a pimple or two pops up. Acne is my ‘in-my-face/on-my-face’ alarm that I am not resting enough.

For the first time in my life I am looking after myself first, and helping others second. And I have found that I have so much more to offer the world and give back as a result of following my intuition and taking time to rest.

I often say to my patients, now more than ever, that they need to rest. They look at me like I’m slightly insane, and then they begin listing all the things they need to do that day/week/month, emphatically insisting that there is absolutely no time for them to rest. I listen with immense empathy as, not long ago, that was my story and that was precisely the discussion I used to have with my own homeopath.

And when, during their follow up appointments, my patients tell me that after they took their homeopathic remedy they slept like a baby, I smile, and know that their Vital Force is healing them in the most powerful way – through rest, regeneration and rejuvenation.

Have you had enough rest today?
Do you think you might feel happier or healthier if you allowed yourself some time to rest?

Wishing you deep rest and vibrant health today, and everyday.

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