Teas that can cure

Great post! I adore rose tea, and never realised it soothes sore eyes! Thank you for sharing!


teapot-tetsubinAll of us like a hot cuppa in the morning.  It’s a pick-me-up, it can ease headaches, lower cholesterol levels and stroke risk, lessen plaque and simply add a fun sip post a meal with its various flavours.  It is also the most globally drunk beverage.  In an age where nature cures are a go-to remedy, here’s a look at the most popular brews and how they could benefit you.
(1) CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA : Helps Battle Ageing —— This golden brown tea, made from dried flowers, has been a part of ancient Chinese medical therapies.  It contains Beta-carotene which can tackle skin problems, age-related eye trouble and is considered a cure to varicose veins.  It also boosts immunity and its potency makes it a powerful beverage to battle signs of ageing.  To enjoy its benefits, use either a tea-bag or add hot water. Allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes…

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