Are you missing out on magnesium?

Do you suffer from PMS? Painful periods? PCOS? Migraines? Muscle cramps?

Research shows that people suffering from these conditions may be deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium is a trace element that is essential for health and wellbeing.

How does magnesium work?

I like to explain how muscles use magnesium in this way…

  • For magnesium to enter a muscle cell, a calcium molecule must leave the muscle cell. Likewise, for calcium to enter our muscle cells, a magnesium molecule must leave the muscle cell. Neither calcium nor magnesium can enter nor leave a muscle cell without the other element being present. This is the design of the gateway through which calcium and magnesium enter and leave cells.
  • When we wake in the morning and need to use our muscles, calcium needs to enter our muscle cells. Which means magnesium must leave the cell.
  • When it is time for us to relax, magnesium returns to the muscles, and to do this the calcium must leave the muscle cells.

When we decide we would like to rest and relax, if there is not enough magnesium available, the calcium simply cannot leave the cell and the muscle cannot relax.

Foods high in magnesium

If you have muscular pain or cramping, you could consider eating more foods that are rich in magnesium. Choose from foods like:

  • almonds
  • barley
  • cashews
  • cocoa
  • cod
  • eggs
  • figs
  • kelp
  • leafy greens
  • legumes
  • molasses
  • parsnips

Magnesium supplements

You could also consider taking a magnesium supplement, as this may also help bring you relief from your painful symptoms. There are many different magnesium supplements available. When choosing a magnesium supplement, ensure you remember to also have enough calcium in your diet, or take a calcium supplement, due to the need for both of these elements to be present for optimal relief of symptoms.

Do you think you might benefit from additional magnesium?

Click here to contact Andrea to book a consultation to talk about your health, and which type of magnesium supplement may be best for you!

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