Do you comfort eat?… part 2.

In an earlier blog post, I explored some emotions that may trigger comfort eating – and I suggested some Bach Flower Remedies to help balance these emotions and empower us to choose to eat more healthily. 

Today, I would like to add to that discussion with suggestions from the Australian Bush Flower Essences range that could also be appropriate for people who tend to comfort eat.

Chocolate cake_1

Most of us are aware when we are about to eat and/or comfort eat. To help us make wise food choices, we could take a moment to check in with our intuition, and access its guidance about what, when and how much we should eat… for help with reconnecting with your innate intuitive wisdom, try Bush Fuchsia.

If you are eating to ‘stuff down’ emotional pain, a combination of Fringed Violet and Sturt Desert Pea may help. Fringed Violet may help remove the effects of emotional shocks and/or trauma we may have experienced, and Sturt Desert Pea may help release deep hurt and long held pain, whether it is from this lifetime or past.

Do you comfort eat when you feel rejected, left out and lonely? Illawarra Flame Tree may help you release these overwhelming feelings and may restore your confidence, strength, self-approval and self-love.

Are you eating because you are bored? Try Kapok Bush. This essence may help us reconnect with feeling enthusiastic and excited, and may help us reconnect to living a life that inspires and uplifts us.

Is stress and a feeling of overwhelm your reason for comfort eating? Paw Paw may help you manage the intensity of a stressful life from a position of calmness and clarity, and Black Eyed Susan may help you slow down and connect with your sense of inner peace.

Is comfort eating a familial pattern? The remedy Boab may help us break free of family conditioning.

Is comfort eating your go-to method of self-soothing? Bottlebrush may help break dietary habits that are no longer serving us.

Do you love yourself unconditionally, as you are, right now? If the answer is no, consider Five Corners. Five Corners may help us love and accept who we are now, rather than wish we were different in some way. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are more likely to choose foods that are good for us and in portion sizes that are sensible and healthy, and less likely to self-soothe with food.


If we don’t realise we are comfort eating until after we have experienced an episode of emotional eating, we could consider these essences:

To remove any sense guilt from episodes of comfort eating, try Sturt Desert Rose.

To release any sense of shame, self-loathing, or self-disgust, try Billy Goat Plum.

Chocolate cake_2

And I would like to leave you with a thought…

“Any food or substance consumed compulsively or addictively …is a sign that Divine guidance is being feared and avoided by the consumption of substances…”

~Doreen Virtue, Chakra Clearingpage 75.

I meditated on this – and felt that, for me, when I comfort eat – this could be an accurate statement.

If you also feel your emotional eating may be an avoidance or a resistance to following Divine Guidance that is challenging you, the remedy Dog Rose may help release your fear around connecting with and following Divine Guidance…

And  if you feel you aren’t connecting with spiritual guidance at the moment, for whatever reason, the remedy Bush Fuchsia , may help you enhance your intuition and your connection to Divine Guidance.


These are only a few of the possible emotional triggers or responses to comfort eating. If your challenging thought or emotion hasn’t been mentioned, please feel free to discuss it with me in the comments below, or send me a message and we can discuss your experiences in a consultation.


Illawarra Flame Tree
Illawarra Flame Tree ~ may help you release feelings of being rejected and return to a state of self-approval, self-acceptance and self-love.

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