Have you tried Rescue Remedy?

When my youngest child was a toddler, he went through the terrible two’s. He was a champion tantrum thrower. He would yell and scream and cry… and bang his head on the floor!!!

I had tried everything the parenting books/experts suggested to help him through these tantrums, but nothing was working. I felt completely helpless, and so I confided in a friend who was a much more experienced mum than me.

She suggested we try Rescue Remedy.

The next time my son had a tantrum, I gently picked him up, and soothingly said, ‘Let’s go have some Happy Medicine!’ (We used to call Rescue Remedy Happy Medicine!)

I carefully carried him, as he continued kicking and screaming, into the kitchen. There, I opened the bottle of Rescue Remedy and gave him 4 drops. I also took 4 drops, as by that stage I was feeling quite distressed too. After we had had our drops, I smiled at him, and asked him how he was feeling. He said, ‘Mummy, I’m reeeeeeally thirsty.’ I gave him a drink, and he danced out of the kitchen, back to his normal happy self.

I was amazed – 4 little drops transformed him from being out of control, to feeling calm and able to articulate how he was feeling and what he needed.

His tantrums became less severe, and less frequent… and soon stopped altogether. Rescue Remedy was invaluable as it helped us through those most difficult moments.

Have you tried Rescue Remedy? It may help your little one, and your whole family through the terrible two’s.

Since that time Rescue Remedy has always been in our house. As my children grew, I would keep a tin of Rescue Remedy pastilles on the coffee table in our lounge room, and whenever the children had had a difficult day at school, they could help themselves. Nowadays with teenage challenges like exams and driving tests, Rescue Remedy is still the gentle healing remedy we turn to.


If you would like to know more about Rescue Remedy, or Bach Flower Remedies, and how these gentle healing remedies may help you and your family through times of stress, please feel welcome to contact Andrea.

Rescue Remedy


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