Are you feeling numb?

Do you sometimes feel emotionally numb?

I find that after the initial shock of an intensely emotional time, I can slip into a state of numbness. A sense of nothingness. A dark void where I seemingly cease to exist. This is a very different space to the meditative awareness of Emptiness, which I experience as bursting with Joy and Love and Peace.

Recently, after a person became angry with me, I found myself feeling utterly shocked, and then I immediately descended into feeling completely numb…  For weeks, I was lost in an emotionally desolate and lonely place.

Once I realised what was happening, I turned to the Bach Flower Remedies to help me reconnect to life again.

The remedies I turned to were

  • Clematis, and 
  • Star of Bethlehem


Dr Bach describes people who need Clematis in this way:

“Those who are dreamy, drowsy, not fully awake, no great interest in life. Quiet people, not really happy in their present circumstances, living more in the future than in the present; living in hopes of happier times, when their ideals may come true. In illness some make little or no effort to get well, and in certain cases may even look forward to death, in the hope of better times; or maybe, meeting again some beloved one whom they have lost.”

If you are feeling low on energy, if you feel your head feels empty, if you are sleeping deeply for much longer than usual, if you react to both happy and sad news with seeming indifference … Clematis may be the remedy you are looking for.

When we feel like we want to escape our current reality, Clematis may help us return to being present. No matter how nice it is to imagine a better life and dream of a happier future, it is only when we are fully present in each moment that we can effect real and powerful change.

Clematis may help you return to this moment, grounding your energy, reconnecting you with your creative Self, realigning you with your Soul’s purpose and reenergising your enthusiasm for making the world a more beautiful place.

Star of Bethlehem

Sometimes, when we experience an emotional shock, we shut down and may feel lost and alone. Star of Bethlehem may help us open up again, reconnect with others and reorientate ourselves within the world.

Dr Bach explains that Star of Bethlehem is

“For those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness. The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident… For those who for a time refuse to be consoled, this remedy brings comfort.”

During these times of intense emotional shock, it is as if the experience is too much, and we withdraw and hide from everything we would prefer not to feel. To the outside world, it looks as if we are ‘playing dead.’ We are drained of all energy in this state, and even the smallest effort is exhausting.

Star of Bethlehem may help us reconnect with our Higher Self, and wake us from the emotional numbness we feel like we may be drowning in. It revitalises us, reconnecting us to our Source. Our energy levels improve, our mind clears, our inner strength is restored and we feel we can cope with life again.


Did you resonate with these descriptions? If you did, I invite you to contact me to talk about how you are feeling, find out more about how Bach Flower Remedies may help, and/or order a bottle of Bach Flower Remedies today.


Star of Bethlehem is used to make a remedy that is given after a shock - like bad news, a fright, an accident or the loss of a loved one. Star of Bethlehem soothes and comforts us during times of stress.
Star of Bethlehem is used to make a remedy that is given after a shock – like bad news, a fright, an accident or the loss of a loved one. Star of Bethlehem soothes and comforts us during times of stress.

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