Amazing Natural Remedies for Childhood Eczema


Melissa & feathers 1As a Therapist I am well aware of the suffering that eczema causes. From a mild slightly annoying tickle to an entire body being affected, covered it bright red excruciatingly itchy suppurating and bleeding scaly skin that devastates and debilitates a person’s social, work and emotional life.

A child suffering with severe eczema is a sorry sight. Parents often feel helpless as their baby claws at their face to relieve the frustration.

My mother has been a lifelong eczema sufferer and her father before her. In the Allergy Clinic and in my private practice I have treated numerous cases of childhood eczema so I am well versed at complementary therapies for this very common condition.

When I became a mum, I was determined that I would not let my daughter Melissa suffer with skin complaints the way that I witnessed others suffer. With Atopy in the family, and a history…

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