How I was introduced to Bach Flower Remedies…

Many years ago, when my children were in primary school, I was introduced to the Bach Flower Remedies, and since that time these gentle remedies have continued to be a part of our lives.

Today, I would like to share the story of our family’s first experience of Bach Flower Remedies with you …

The main characters in this story are my daughter, when she was aged 5, and her older brother, when he was aged 7.

I began to notice that my daughter was being bossed around by her older brother, as sometimes happens with siblings. I wondered to myself, how can I empower her to stand up for herself more? No amount of talking with the children seemed to make any difference.

One night both my children were in their beds, ready to fall asleep. My eldest was in his top bunk, in his room. My daughter was in her top bunk, in her room. From the lounge room I heard him call out ‘I’ve dropped my teddy. Pick it up for me.’ I watched, and saw her emerge from her room, cross the hallway, pick up his bear and give it to her brother, before going back across the hall, and back up the ladder into her bed.


Teddy bear



I decided that something had to be done. I confided in a friend, who was a much more experienced mum than me.
She suggested I give my daughter some of the Bach Flower Remedy Centaury,

I bought some, and that afternoon gave my daughter 3 doses.
The next morning I offered her another dose, and she assertively told me that she didn’t need it anymore. I explained to her that she was supposed to have 4 doses a day for 3 weeks. She quietly looked at me  and said ‘No’.
I accepted her answer, smiled at her, returned the remedies to the shelf, and continued preparing breakfast.
Her elder brother joined us in the kitchen and together they sat at the breakfast bar. He looked at her and said ‘Get me a juice.’ Normally, she would have done this immediately for him – but today she gently but firmly said ‘No, you can get it yourself.’

I was amazed – three doses of these drops, and she had transformed!

What a gift! What a blessing!

Since that time, more than 13 years ago, the remedies have been a part of our lives, and they have supported us through many challenges. I am very grateful for their healing presence in our family’s life.

Centaury - may help you move from feeling obliged to say yes to everything and everyone, to being able to assertively say no.
Centaury – may help you move from feeling obliged to say yes to everything and everyone, to being able to assertively say no.




    1. Thank you! An Angel Award! Wow! I feel very blessed and immensely humbled! Thank you for nominating me for this award. Sending you Infinite Love and Gratitude!

  1. Sorry for commenting again, I love the story about you son and daughter. Lol Your daughter being able to stand up for herself, so that her brother doesn’t boss her around. Even in life assertiveness is needed. Great job!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, assertiveness is so important in life – we need to be able to speak our truth and be our authentic self in every moment.

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