Do you comfort eat?

Do you find yourself overeating when you are sad, or bored, or angry?
Do you eat to comfort yourself?
Do you overeat at times when you feel emotional?


I am guilty of this.
When I am stressed, I eat.
When I am sad, I eat.
When I am happy, I eat!

Eating is not a problem.
Eating is vital to life – we need to eat to nourish ourselves.

However, eating can be a problem when we overeat too often, when we eat to suppress difficult emotions, and when we eat mindlessly without realising how much we are eating.
What do I mean?
For me, it can be when I sit down after a stressful day, and decide to eat a handful of nuts before dinner, and suddenly the whole packet is gone!
Or when I am not even hungry, but I feel like eating a little bit of chocolate, I say to myself that I will just have one square of chocolate, and before I know it I’ve finished the entire block!

Dark chocolate

Willpower, determination and discipline can help.
Did you know that the Bach Flower Remedies can also assist and support you?

To find out which remedy would be most helpful for you, take a moment to think about how you feel when you overeat. Think about the time just before, during and after an experience of overeating. Sink into that feeling. Go down into its depths, and see if you can see what is underneath it. Going deeper into the emotion you find there, sink to the bottom of that state, and see if you can see what is underneath it. Continue delving deeper and deeper into each feeling you find, until you reach the core emotion that lies at the most profound level you can access.
Once you have identified this emotion, keep reading and see if it is listed here, and if it is, see which remedy may help bring you back into a state of balance and harmony. If it is not listed here, please contact me.

Cherry Plum Blossom - from feeling like you are spinning out of control, to feeling calm, centred and relaxed.
Cherry Plum Blossom – from feeling like you are spinning out of control,
to feeling calm, centred and relaxed.

For those times where we feel our overeating is completely out of control, Cherry Plum can help us regain control of what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat.

For the times we overindulge and feel deeply ashamed of ourselves, Crab Apple can help wash away those feelings of shame and embarrassment.

For the times we feel guilty about eating more than we need to, Pine can help release this unnecessary emotion that weighs us down.

For the times after we have overeaten when we become overly strict and hard on ourselves, depriving ourselves of even basic nourishment in order to ‘compensate’ for our moment of overindulgence, Rock Water can help us to return to a more balanced way of eating.

For the times when we eat in secret, because we don’t want anyone to see us, Water Violet can help us reconnect to the joy of eating socially and sharing a meal with others.

For the times when we eat hurriedly, as if racing to finish it all, Impatiens can help us relax and enjoy each mouthful.

For times when we are being a bit of a gourmand, and eating more than we need to because we love good food, Vervain can help us return to a state of mind where we remember that it is better to eat to live, rather than to live to eat.

When we are eating because we are feeling wronged by the world, Willow can help us let go of our feeling of being victimised, and support us as we return to feeling powerful within ourselves.

If we are eating because we are bored, Wild Rose will help us reconnect to the excitement and enthusiasm we once had for life.

When we eat due to disappointment, sadness, or grief, Gentian, Gorse, Sweet Chestnut or Mustard may help soothe and ease our emotional pain.

If we are eating to quell fiery emotions, the remedy Holly can help us release feelings of anger, hatred, revenge, and jealousy, while simultaneously helping open us to experiencing Unconditional Love from the Source of All Love. 

Are we turning to food after experiencing a shock or a tragedy in our lives? Star of Bethlehem is a soothing and comforting remedy… people have compared the effect of Star of Bethlehem to the feeling like the ‘Ahhh’ we feel as we sip a good cup of tea, or the ‘Mmmm’ we feel from a friendly and warm hug.

In addition to the remedies that help with these emotions, we can turn to other Bach Flower Remedies to help us break our habit of comfort eating. Walnut can help us let go of negative habits and patterns, and Chestnut Bud can help us learn our Life Lessons more quickly, rather than repeatedly finding ourselves in situations we would prefer not to be. In this way, we are supported to find freedom from the seemingly inescapable urge to overeat. With the support of the Bach Flower Remedies, we can be empowered to make different, healthier food choices in the future.

Star of Bethlehem is used to make a remedy that is given after a shock - like bad news, a fright, an accident or the loss of a loved one. Star of Bethlehem soothes and comforts us during times of stress.
Star of Bethlehem can help soothe and comfort us during times of stress.

Is the reason you comfort eat not listed here? Please comment below, or contact me, and together we can find which remedy is more aligned with how you are feeling.

Remember, if selecting remedies for yourself, it is best to combine no more than 5 flower essences in a blend… if you think you may need more than 5 remedies, please consider talking with a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner to help you identify which emotion is the core trigger for your overeating.
With Bach Flowers, taking fewer, more precisely indicated remedies that focus on the deepest emotional state often stimulates a faster, more profound response than taking lots and lots of remedies at once.

Turn to your practitioner for support, talk with your practitioner about your challenges when it comes to eating, and try a blend of Bach Flower Remedies to help you return to a balanced and harmonious emotional state. From this place of peace and contentment, making food choices that nourish and nurture your body in a healthy way is much easier.

And if your struggles with eating continue, please also consult your medical practitioner for advice and support.

Impatiens - may help us move from hurry and frenzy, to relaxed and mindful action.
Impatiens – to help us move from a mindframe dominated by hurry and frenzy, to a more expansive state of relaxation, patience and mindfulness.


  1. This is fantastic information Andrea. Being a Nutritionist, I often help people with weight loss programs. However, the biggest obstacle for most people is the breaking of bad habits and emotional eating. I’m sure incorporating some of your suggestions will help. Thank you for posting about this.

    1. Thank you, Caroline! I’m sure the Bach Flower Remedies will help your clients in letting go of old patterns, and in overcoming emotional eating!
      As I write, I am reminded also of the Australian Bush Flower Essence ‘Boab’ … it may help with breaking free of old family habits. Often, carrying excess weight is a familial trait – we see it in the (adult) children of parents who also struggle with their weight, Boab may help your clients step out of that pattern, and assist them to transition to a lifestyle that they consciously choose.

  2. Fantastic collection of useful and previously unknown information (on my part of course)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Over Eating has well been one of my ‘discoveries’ for a very long time and I need to work very hard to keep a check on it at times.

    Miss Lou

    1. My struggle is comfort, and sometimes boredom, eating! The Bach Flowers have been indispensable for me. I hope that these remedies help you on your journey too. Please let me know how you go with them.

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