Do you struggle to find time to meditate?

Is your life busy?
Do you have lots of demands on your time and attention?

Some days I find that I have no spare time to sit in a quiet space and meditate…
On days like that I try to remember that every moment is an opportunity for meditation.

  • While walking, we can focus on the feel of the earth under our feet, rather than on how we are in a hurry – that shift of focus can turn a simple journey into a moment of calm awareness.
  • While cooking, we can focus on being mindful of every movement…we can pour love into our actions and into our food – and turn a simple meal into a Soul nourishing experience.
  • While driving in peak hour traffic, we can use every stoplight to focus on our inhale and on our exhale – and transform a long drive into a time of breathing in energising prana.

When you do have time to sit for meditation, did you know there are flower essences that can help you?

From the Australian Bush Flower Essence range, there is a combination essence named Meditation Essence. This blend helps us meditate deeply, and it helps protect the space we are in while we are meditating. It includes the following essences:

  • Angelsword
     cuts away any negativity that may be hanging around our aura.
    Angelsword also helps us connect with our Higher Self, so that we can access our Inner Guidance.
  • Boronia
    Boronia helps clear the mind of any repetitive thoughts. This helps us maintain our focus during meditation.
  • Bush Fuchsia
    Bush Fuchsia 
    connects us with our intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Bush Iris
    Bush Iris 
    helps us go more deeply into our meditation practice.
  • Fringed Violet
    Fringed Violet fills any holes in our aura – ensuring our natural psychic protection is strong and impenetrable. 
  • Green Spider Orchid
    Green Spider Orchid 
    opens us to be more receptive to plants, animals or people while we are meditating
  • Red Lily
    Red Lily 
    helps keep us grounded throughout our meditation practice.

Are you inspired to meditate? Do you have a moment of time to spare?
I would love to take this opportunity to share a quick meditation practice with you. It only takes 3 minutes!
A friend shared this with me years ago – and it is one of my favourite practices. 

Before you practice this meditation

Please know that if you practice this style of candlelight meditation every day, after about three days you may notice a change in your dreams. If this is in any way unpleasant for you, stop practicing this form of meditation, and move on to another style of meditation.
There are many styles of meditation – the Buddha was said to have taught over a thousand different ways to meditate.
If this candlelight meditation is not for you, please don’t be disheartened – there will be a meditation technique out there that suits you perfectly. Keep yourself open – it will find you.


Candlelight meditation, which may help open the third eye…

In this meditation, the focus is to watch a candleflame.

Sit comfortably, either on a cushion on the floor, or on a chair.

Place a candle a metre or two in front of you, on a table or shelf, at the same height as your eyes.

Light the candle.

Take your Meditation Essence drops.

Call on your Spiritual Helpers (Your Guardian Angel, Archangels, Mother Mary, Jesus, and The Buddha are some examples of Spiritual Helpers) to surround and protect you as you meditate.

Visualise Pure White Light all around you, protecting you and keeping you safe.

Now you are ready to begin.

To start with, close your eyes for a moment.

Settle into your sitting position. Rest your hands on your lap comfortably.

Take time to check in with every part of your body, and consciously relax every muscle.

When you are ready, open your eyes, and let your gaze rest softly on the candle flame.

Do not force your eyes. Allow your gaze to be gentle.

Watch the candle flame, and when you feel the need to blink, close your eyes.

Through your closed eyes, see the ‘echo’ of the candle flame.

Keep your eyes closed and watch this ‘echo’ until it disappears from view.

Gently open your eyes and watch the candle flame.

When you feel the need to blink, close your eyes, and watch the ‘echo’ of the candle flame.

Continue in this way for three minutes.

When you are finished, thank your Spiritual Helpers, ensure you are feeling centred and grounded, and gently blow out the candle.

For further information

Talk with your Flower Essence Practitioner, about your meditation practice and any struggles you may be having, to receive professional advice and a blend of remedies that focus on supporting you.

If you would like more information on flower essences, click here.

If you would like to book a consultation and receive advice and remedies specific for your needs, click here.

Did you try this candlelight meditation? How did you go? Do you have a favourite style of meditation? Please share your thoughts with me! You are welcome to comment below!

May your meditation practice be filled with love, peace and joy.
May meditation bring deep contentment to you.
May the benefits of your meditation practice filter through to the rest of your life and radiate blessings to everyone you meet.

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