Are you having surgery soon?

In my life, I have had many health crises and many operations…
I have experienced a tonsillectomy, an appendectomy, a hysterectomy and all four of my wisdom teeth have been removed.

I am someone who takes a long to time come out of a general anesthetic, I experience unpleasant side-effects from many pharmaceutical medications and I take a long time to recover from surgery.

Most of my operations occurred during my childhood and adolescence. At that time I did not know about homeopathy. However, during my most recent operation, I had a collection of homeopathic remedies to take to hospital with me. These remedies I took, as needed, in addition to the pharmaceutical medications my surgeon prescribed.

In my hospital bag there were remedies that were chosen by my homeopath and I, specifically for me, as they were based on my past experiences with operations and anaesthetics. They were:

  • Arnica – to help reduce bruising and swelling, and to help ease muscular pain
  • Calendula – to help my skin heal
  • Staphysagria – to help surgical incisions heal
  • Hypericum – to help ease nerve pain
  • Phosphorus – for after the operation, to help clear residual anaesthetic from the body
  • Bellis perennis – to help ease deep abdominal pain
  • Chamomilla/Colocynthis/Mag phos combination – to help ease post-operative wind pain

Also included was some Rescue Remedy, a combination of Bach Flower Remedies – which is wonderful during times of stress and trauma.

Are you having surgery soon? If you are, have you talked with your homeopath about how you could use homeopathy and Bach Flowers to help you before and after your surgery? Perhaps a collection of remedies, specific for your needs, can be selected by your homeopath to help you through this time, and to help speed your recovery.
Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies are traditional therapies that can support you before and after medical procedures and can be taken alongside pharmaceutical medications.

Please note:
Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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