My journey … migraines

Many  years ago, I used to suffer from migraines. I used to get 2 a month, and they would last for 3 days each. I tried all the pharmaceutical medicine available, yet I still suffered.

Like clockwork, every 2 weeks, a migraine would appear, and I would disappear into it. I would have to hide away from the world in a cold, dark, silent room until the excruciating pain and debilitating vomiting would ease.

After my son experienced a healing through a change to his diet, I decided to talk about my migraines with our GP who also practices natural medicine. He asked me to follow a diet called a low-amine diet. Some people who suffer from migraines are sensitive to amines, which are chemicals that occur naturally in many foods.

I began this diet immediately, and the next time I was due for a migraine, all I had was a mild headache. I was beyond grateful!

It took 18 months of being on this diet strictly, but nowadays I am migraine free. And I can eat anything I like!

If you are also struggling to live your life around headaches that are intolerable, perhaps you too would benefit from seeing your natural health practitioner and finding out if changing your diet may help ease your suffering.



  1. Very Interesting Andrea. I too used to get migraines but funnily enough they totally disappeared when I split with my ex husband. Mmmm I think maybe they were caused by stress!!

    • Very true, Davine. Stress is often a big part of the trigger for migraines. I’m so pleased to hear you no longer suffer from migraines, and I do hope that means your life is blissfully free of stress.

    • To be honest, I have never noticed the smell of an over-ripe avocado … I will definitely take time to be mindful and more aware from now on.
      I think our bodies have ways of letting us know that a food is not good for us. A dislike for a certain food, however illogical it may seem, should be honoured. In my case, as I reflect on this, I think it was from over-eating certain foods. Most of my diet at that time was high-amine foods. I would eat an avocado a day! I think when we eat too much of something for too long, our body finds ways for us to vary our diet more.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me today. You have reminded me to appreciate my food with all my senses, not just through taste.

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