Sometimes, it’s what you don’t eat that makes all the difference…

Many years ago, when my youngest son was 3 months old and fully breastfed, he developed eczema. He was covered in eczema, head to toe (except for his back and the soles of his feet). His scalp was so bad, his skin was a beetroot colour. He was so itchy, he would scratch until he bled. Our GP prescribed a hydrocortisone cream. I dutifully applied the cream. Unfortunately it didn’t have the desired effect. The eczema appeared to be spreading and growing.

I sought a second opinion from a different GP who also practiced natural medicine. He tested my son, using a Vega machine, for food sensitivities, and discovered that just about everything I was eating was triggering the eczema. This GP created an extensive and detailed list of all the foods I had to avoid, and as soon as I began this restricted diet, my son’s skin began to clear. Within two weeks there was a significant change, and after a month, the eczema was barely noticeable.

If I ever cheated on the diet, and ate something from the forbidden foods list, as soon as my son had his next feed, his skin would flare up angrily.

After 6 months, he could eat everything except tomatoes and peanut butter. After a further 6 months, he was able to eat tomatoes again. One year later, he was able to eat anything and everything. And he now has the most beautiful olive skin.

Food sensitivities can have a huge impact your health and wellbeing. Sometimes, simple changes to what we eat can take the pressure off our immune system and we can begin to heal.

Are you or your family suffering from eczema? It might be worth speaking with your natural health practitioner about how your diet may be affecting your health.


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