Why it is best to wear shoes…

Homeopathy for bites and stings

Recently when I had some free time, I went for a walk along the beach. The weather was warm, so I took my shoes off and paddled in the shallows for a while. I saw lots of jellyfish in the water, so I was careful where I stepped.

It came time to head home, and I decided not to bother putting put my back shoes on. I wandered over the sand, and, in order to avoid the rocks on the dirt track, I walked on some soft, springy grass.

Then I stepped on something.

I have no idea what it was.

The pain was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It coursed through my foot and up my calf. I couldn’t walk.

My knees gave way, I collapsed to the ground and I sat, inelegantly, cradling my foot.
People wandered by, cars drove past, and no one asked me if I was ok.
I wondered how on earth I was going to get home.

I pulled something out of my foot. I had never seen anything like it before, and it was tiny! How could it have caused this much pain?

I cautiously looked in the grass next to me, hoping to see which creature might have stung me. I had no luck in finding anything other than beautiful, innocent grass.

I steeled myself, and hobbled home.

Once home I washed my foot, and headed straight to my homeopathic first aid kit.

I couldn’t think straight because of the pain, so instead of repertorising carefully, I simply combined some Apis and Ledum and took a dose. Apis and Ledum are two remedies that are often used when someone has been bitten or stung by an insect.

Within minutes the pain eased.
The throbbing returned after about half an hour, and so I took another dose.
An hour or so later, the strangest, most indescribable painful sensation occurred – which completely disappeared after another dose.
And from then on, gratefully, I have been pain free.

Thank goodness for homeopathy!

Have you got a homeopathic first aid kit at home?
If you haven’t, I recommend talking with your homeopath about creating one with remedies that suit your and your family’s needs. It is such a relief to have remedies on hand when you need them.

Please note:
Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.


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