How I was introduced to homeopathy…

My gratitude for bees

Many years ago, my children and I were having lunch at a girlfriend’s house in Hobart. Her house was 45 minutes south of Hobart in a semi-rural area. A little stream ran through her property. She had almost an acre of gardens. It was springtime and there were flowers everywhere. Bees buzzed amongst the blossoms.

The sun was shining, and we sat outside and sipped tea together.

Her son sat with us on the patio. My children ran amok in the garden! We could hear peals of laughter as my oldest children fearlessly climbed trees. All of a sudden my children were by my side. My eldest showed me his arm and announced dispassionately that he had been stung by a bee.

I looked at his arm, and informed him that he hadn’t.

He frowned, and told me that he had.

I said – ‘If you had, there would be a stinger there somewhere.’

He clenched his teeth, and hissed ‘I took the stinger out, Mum.’

As he said that, his arm began to change colour. It went red, then white, then red again. It swelled and grew in front of my eyes.

He had definitely been stung by a bee.

I began to panic. The swelling was severe, I was worried he was going into anaphylaxis. And we were 45 minutes from the nearest hospital!

My friend, cool and calm, as only an ex-nanny can be, mentioned that she is also allergic to bee stings and that she has a homeopathic remedy that she takes whenever she has been stung. She asked me if she could give him a dose.

We went inside, and she showed me the pillules. She gave one to my son, organised an icepack, and then he rested on the couch. We sat with him for a few minutes, and he calmed noticeably. She and I were distracted by her toddler who was giggling infectiously and crawling backwards on the floor.

The next thing we knew, my son was in my friend’s kitchen, opening her fridge and pantry, looking for something to eat.

We went in, to see what he was up to, and my friend asked him how his arm was.

His response – ‘What arm?’

She replied ‘The arm that was stung by the bee.’

He looked confused, and lifted both his arms up to show her and asked ‘Which arm was it again?’

I looked at my friend, shocked. The last time he was stung by a bee his hand was swollen, sore and red for 3 days. How was it possible that that tiny little pillule could have had such a profound effect so quickly.  She smiled, and said, ‘That’s homeopathy!’ She showed me some other remedies she had for when she suffered from endometriosis. I also suffered from this incredibly debilitating condition, so I noted the names of the remedies.

The next time I was in the city, I went to Gould’s Homeopathic Pharmacy, and bought the remedies for endometriosis. The next time I had a painful period, I took the remedies, and within minutes I was pain free. I was astonished!

I had to know more! I went back to Gould’s, and bought a book called ‘The Family Guide to Homeopathy.’ I began to treat my family and friends. If people came to our house for a dinner party and they were suffering from hayfever or eczema, I would suggest remedies for them from my book. I would even take my book to work with me (I was an Italian Interpreter at the time) and help colleagues in the office. Nothing brought me more joy than hearing them tell me that they had taken the remedy and now their suffering had eased.

I went on to study homeopathy, and I am forever grateful to that little bee who gave his life so that I could find my purpose on this planet, for my friend who offered us her homeopathic remedies, and I am also incredibly indebted to my eldest son, who has (inadvertently) been the catalyst for so much of my learning during this lifetime.


Photo courtesy of my youngest son who, gratefully, has never been stung by a bee!

Please note:
Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.


  1. I love homeopathy too Andrea and have been rescued many, many times. First Aid remedies like cantharis 30C for burns and calendula 30C for wounds work a treat. Not to mention the big constitutional remedies like Nat Mur 200 and Sulph 200 for clearing emotional states. Magic! Always frustrating conversing with people who insist homeopathy doesn’t work !!

    1. Thank you, Shakti! It is so wonderful to connect with like-minded people! All the remedies you have mentioned have also been magic for me at different times. I think I was blessed to experience the amazing effects homeopathy before grappling with all of the questions about how it works. And I notice for myself and my patients, once they experience a remedy acting, they no longer worry about how it does what it does. Wishing you health and happiness always!

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